Poles for pole dance

Kodi Sport is a unique, proprietary solution in one-piece strut pole dance bars.

The highest quality materials are used for their production, and the components are manufactured on numerically controlled machine tools, which guarantees the highest precision of production. The whole is made in Poland.
The bolt has a system of rapid change of pipe function from static to rotational, and vice versa; we pull out and insert the bolt in one simple movement – without tightening, turning.

What makes Kodi Sport different:

– the bar is one part, it is expanding,
– all series, varieties, configurations are aesthetic and functional,
– the ergonomic shape of the foot at the base of the rod provides protection for the feet and hands and provides comfort of use,
– rapid change of the static version to a rotary one, quick movement of the hand,
– optimally selected hardness of protective rubbers ensures protection of the floor and ceiling.