Personal pick up:
Possibility of receiving the order, not a pole, in:
Rocket Woman Pole Dance School.
Zwyczęska 14e/5/5,
53-033 Wrocław

Personal pick up of poles are in Warsaw, Poland.

  1. Shipment to any address in Poland – 14 PLN
  2. Shipment to European Union countries for one set of cards – 35 PLN*
  3. Shipment to European Union countries for two sets of cards – 50 PLN**
  4. International shipping USA, Canada, Australia (up to 2kg, up to 3 sets of cards) – 60 PLN***
  5. Poles delivery by courier DPD or UPS (only in Poland) – individual pricing
Delivery time:
The entire time of the order process (including delivery) can take up to 2-5 postal days (shipment in Poland) from purchase date – depending on the availability of the product. In other cases please contact our shop.

Due to the situation, namely COVID-19, the delivery time may be extended due to the lack of proper availability of courier companies. According to Poczta Polska: “Due to difficulties on European roads and restrictions in the work of operational services of postal operators in Poland and abroad, delays in the delivery of shipments sent to these countries are expected. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the temporary failure to provide foreign postal services. ” The delivery time for shipments abroad is about two weeks, and their price for this time is higher (*foreign shipping: European Union – one set of cards – PLN 50, **foreign shipping: European Union – two sets of cards – PLN 60, *** international shipping: United States, Canada, Australia – 70 PLN).