The present regulation lays down the rules for the use of the online shop, hereinafter referred to as Store, found at URL-address:
The shop is managed by Polish Pole Dance Federation at address:
ul. Zwycięska 14E/4/5
53-033 Wrocław
NIP: 899 283 32 26 | REGON: 368 746 852.

Contact details:
tel.: +48 609 430 001

– initial resolutions –

The User, called later as a Customer, is obliged to become acquainted with the rules and accept all its conditions, before proceeding any actions concerning online shopping. In case of disapproval to its statements the user can not exploit the online shop The beginning of shopping is tantamount to approval to regulation and privacy policy. In order to shop online the User must have an available and functional e-mail account.

Sales proposal of the Store is the range of products regarding pole dance discipline.

The shop does not bear responsibility for the differences in colours of the products resulting from individual settings of the User’s device.

– privacy policy –

In accordance with art. 13 act. 1 and 2. The General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter GDPR) of 27th April 2016 we inform that: the Administrator of Your personal data is Polish Pole Dance Federation ltd. represented by Agnieszka Komorowska, address: ul. Ołtaszyńska 92c/5, Wrocław, Poland tel.: +48 609 430 001, e-mail:

Your personal data are protected with the utmost thoroughness. Providing your personal data (first and second name, phone number, e-mail, address, NIP) is voluntary, but necessary for the provision of information by telephone or electronic means and for the purchase of all items from our store. You have a right to insight, change or delete your data.

Personal data provided by the Customer are used only to complete an order. Personal data are processed by the shop in order to complete an order.

While proceeding with an order the Customer is obliged to give mentioned below data:
1. First and second name (name of the company)
2. Phone number
3. Available e-mail address
4. Shipping address
5. NIP, invoice data

Address given for the shipping may be passed to courier companies to deliver the order.

Some fields of the site can use so-called Cookies fiels. viz. small-sized text files sent to the User’s computer that identifies it in such a way that it is necessary to simplify or revoke the transaction. Cookies files are harmless to the User’s computer. It is possible to delete them in the browser’s settings.

– pocessing an order –

Placing an order takes place by using the form on the store ‘s website.

In order to place an order you should as follows:
1. Choose the product and its parameters
2. Add the product to the cart
3. Choose the delivery method
4. Complete the order form and payment methods
5. Submit by pressing „buy and pay”

Every Client has a right to place the order after being familiarized with the Terms & Conditions.
All prices are given in PLN. You will see the total price, including shipping costs, in the cart summary before placing the order. The orders can be placed any time, but due to the statutory free days the implementation date may change.

Order processing time is counted:
a) in case of the transfer payment from the moment of receiving the transfer by the Store;
b) in case of credit card payment by PayU system from the moment of receiving a positive authorization from system operator;
c) in case of cash payment while personal collection from the moment of receiving the order by the shop.

The Store undertakes to deliver items without defects.
The Store has a right to refuse taking an order if there are any doubts about the credibility of data provided by the Customer in the form.
The Store conditions the right to not process an order if the form is completed incorrectly.
In case of the absence of items covered by the order, the customer will be informed immediately.
Then, the customer decides whether the order should be partly processed, deleted or delivered in subsequent date.
The Store does not bear the responsibility for lost packages (lack of delivery) due to incorrect information in the form.

– Payment-

We accept the three following payment methods:
1. Bank transfer
2. PayU
3. Cash (in case of personal collection)

– returns, complaints and a guarantee policy –

The present regulation point concerns only relations with customers being Consumers based on the act about consumers rights of 30th May 2014. Regulations art. 55-581 act from 23rd April 1964 – Civil Code have no appliance. The privilege on the score of the non-conformity of the goods with the contract are prerogative to the Customer by virtue of statutory law of 27th July 2002 on the special conditions for customer sales and on the Civil Code change.

According to the law of 2nd March 2002 on the protection of consumers’ rights. Merchandise purchased from the shop can be returned without giving reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. This is only possible if the product has not been used, copied or damaged in any way. The shop assures the total reimbursement of the costs of the order. Return postage costs are borne by the buyer. Return or withdrawal from the contract is only taken into account when the product is originally packaged and has not been used. An additional condition is the proof of the purchase.

If the product contains factory defects or is incompatible with the order, the Customer has the right to make a complaint. It must be submitted electronically per e-mail While submitting a complaint it is required to give personal data (first and second name, address, phone number, e-mail address), order number and a detailed reason for the complaint. You must attach a copy of the proof of the purchase. The complaint shall be considered within 14 working day from the date of its submission. The Customer should precisely check the package in the presence of the courier to see if it is compatible with the order content and to make sure it is not damaged. If a damage occurs due to improper transport, it is necessary to draw up a statement of damage.

The Store does not bear responsibility for damages resulting from improper security of the product that the complaint is about and improper transport.
The Customer will be informed about the settling of the complaint process the same way the complaint was sent. Unless the Customer conditions a different form of contact.
Complaint/Warranty does not include: mechanical damage, damage due to improper transport, damage due to improper usage of the product, ordinary usage marks or aging marks.
The warranty period is individual for any product. Within the warranty the Store is obliged to remove the defects of the product or, if it is possible, to provide a new product without defects.
Warranty claims are processed within 14 working days from the receipt date.

– final regulations –

The contract of sale is concluded between the customer and Polish Pole Dance Federation. The consolidation, safeguarding and provision of the relevant rulings of the contract is effected by providing the customer with a sales document in the form of a VAT invoice or fiscal receipt.

All photographs posted on the website have legal and author protection based on article 1. the law of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights – OPAiPP (Dz. U. 1994 Nr 24 poz.83) – they have a creative and individual character. They can not be used in any way without the permission of the copyright owner.

The store reserves the right to change the rules. These regulations apply from 28 March 2019 year.